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Dual Enrollment

ACE students with a GPA of 2.5 or higher and who meet the prerequisites set by BHS and Roxbury Community College (RCC) can take college courses at RCC while at BHS.  The college credit is transferable to whatever college they attend after BHS.  ACE students who are interested in engineering, technology or the trades can also take college courses through dual enrollment at Ben Franklin Institute and earn transferable college credits.  Seniors, who qualify, can also do the Advance Standing Associates Program (ASAP) which allows them to do their senior year at BFIT and 1st year of college with free tuition and books. 

ACE does not offer AP courses but does encourage students who are ready for college-level courses to take actual college classes at no cost. 


See an Internship video here

ACE students can choose to take the Career and Internship Exploration Seminar (CIES) 2x a week in ACE in which they learn how to find an internship by going through the following stages 1. interest exploration 2. informational interview  3. job shadow days 4. securing an internship.  Internships can last anywhere from 6 weeks to all year and they allow students the opportunity to earn academic credit by doing a needed project for their mentor that also addresses ACE academic content benchmarks. 

Online Classes

If an ACE student wants to try to move more quickly through the curriculum or retake a course that they were not able to earn enough competencies and benchmarks in, they can choose to take one of a few ACE courses that have been adapted into an online format on Canvas and complete it during a 6 week cycle.  Although students would work through the curriculum and submit assignments on their own time, they would be expected to check-in with their teacher at least once a week to talk about their progress in the course, ask questions, and receive any needed help. 

Graduate Early

ACE students who are highly motivated to graduate early can explore the possibility of taking ACE online classes and/or college classes on top of a regular schedule of classes during the school year and during the summer in order earn their required ACE and BHS graduation requirements in less than 4 years. 

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